March Permaculture Workshop

March 13th, 12-2pm Permaculture Workshop Join us for an inspired educational workshop being offered outdoors at an amazing local permaculture garden. This workshop is being offered in exchange for a donation.

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The meeting location address will be emailed to all registered participants closer to the event date.

Introduction to Permaculture

What is permaculture? To put it simply, permaculture is a design science that aims to create a permanent culture, a way of caring for the earth and each other (every living being) that can continue indefinitely. This class will be a broad overview of permaculture, its history, it's relevance and its approaches. If you have never heard of permaculture, or have heard the word but still don't understand fully what it is and why it's so important, this class will be a great way to get up to speed. If you have a basic understanding, this class will offer some fresh perspectives and touch on some of the details as to how we may apply this design science in a city, suburban or rural context. These same design principles can be applied anywhere in the world to increase biodiversity, soil fertility and deepen the connection between people and plants.

In this relatively short class we will go over:

-Soil building basics -The power of perennial vegetables -Forest gardens for the future -Rainwater catchment -Fungal allies And much more!

Bring a friend or three, snacks to share, and note-taking materials if they help you to learn. Audio and video recording is allowed and encouraged (check-in with the group to make sure everyone consents to be recorded and or photographed) especially if the content will be shared online.


Eric Joseph Lewis is a forager, permaculturist, and plant lover who has dedicated his life to deepening the relationship between people and plants. Inspired by the wise words of Frank Cook, Eric first stepped onto the “greenpath” in 2010 and never looked back. These days Eric invests most of his time into foraging, gardening, and teaching others to do the same. A committed lifelong learner Eric's knowledge and experience continue to grow year after year. To get an idea of who Eric is and what he is about check his video on 5 tips for how to learn about plants: See Less