The Veteran Garden Project of Saint Augustine (VGP) would like to help our returning and retiring veterans, and their families, grow and cultivate an organic garden with garden therapy and community support. The VGP will offer scholarship opportunities to provide start up home gardens to connect our veterans with the tools and education they need to grow their own food and healing herbs at home. We will provide a starter kit, beginner education, and support for the veteran to maintain their own home garden.
We welcome and encourage all donations that can be provided. We are a non-profit organization looking to help veterans and their families to heal through nature. By getting outdoors and re-engaging with the local community, veterans will have the opportunity to grow their relationships and harvest healthy nutritious foods. The VGP hopes that together we can cultivate opportunities for our veterans and find solutions for our local food scarcity and environmental challenges.


Please take the time to donate to this wonderful cause. All donations go back into the Veterans Garden Project.

All Donations Are Tax Deductible!