Through a supportive environment such as the garden project, veterans and their families who may be experiencing challenges in transitioning from active duty to civilian life can find new opportunities and support. They will have the chance to learn new skills, begin to reconnect with others, renew their confidence and find new purpose for the enrichment of their lives, families, and their community. By combining healthy veteran support systems with the local community’s nutritional needs, the veteran will have room for personal growth opportunities, new relationships, and fun while developing healthy outlooks on diet and lifestyle.


We aim to serve, manage, and develop healthy and inclusive opportunities for local veterans, their families and the community through engagement and use of sustainability practices and permaculture principles. We are passionate about finding solutions to help our environmental challenges while supporting, feeding, and empowering local veterans.


Crystal Timmons – President, Founder/CEO/Project Manager

Trained and certified Permaculture Design at Sustainable Kashi, Sebastian, FL

Certified Nursery Management/Landscape Design at First Coast Technical College, St Augustine FL

Yoga/Meditation Instructor

Supporting spouse to a retired Army veteran with service-connected injuries.

Born in Vero Beach, FL

Our veterans and families need all the support and healthy healing modalities they can get! Nature is the best therapy!

Robert Timmons – Vice President, Veteran and Certified Horticulturist

Retired Army Veteran

Military Intelligence & Food Service Sergeant

Afghanistan 2007, 513 MI Battalion & 173rd Airborne

Certified Nursery Management/Landscape Design at First Coast Technical College, St Augustine, FL

Born and raised in St Augustine, FL

My wife and I started this project to support our growth after service and to give back to our veterans and community.

Michelle Bridges – Board Secretary; Veteran & Spouse of a Veteran

Elaine Fisher – Volunteer Coordinator

Andy Mehlman – Officer and Garden Team Leader